Romanians at Hollywood (part 2)

Marcel Iureş (born 1951 in Băileşti, Romania)
Marcel Iureş is one of Romania's most acclaimed stage and screen actors, having starred in more than two dozen features in his native country and twice being named its best actor. After the 1989 Revolution, he left for Hollywood but preferred to return to Bucharest where in 1998 he created ACT Theatre - the only independent stage in Romania at its time. He has enjoyed a prolific stage career, being famous for his acting in Shakespeare plays.

Name is pronounced Mar-tshel Yoo-rresh.

His American film credits include The Peacemaker starring George Clooney, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) starring Cruise and Brad Pitt, Mission: Impossible (1996) starring Tom Cruise, Hart's War (2002), Amen (2002) directed by Costa-Gavras, Cambridge Spies (2003), The Tulsa Luper Suitcase 2 (2004), Goal! (2005), Youth without Youth (2007).
Among his most noted Romanian films are Vacanţa cea mare (1988) (The Big Holiday), Balanţa (1992) (The Oak), Society's Pillars, The Duel, The Last Messenger, and Romanian.