Black Church Organ

The Braşov Black Church’s organ, with 4000 pipes and considered one of the biggest in Europe, was built between 1836 and 1839 by the Berlin organ maker Buchholz, is the largest of more than 140 organs built by craftsmen Buchholz family, and it is famous for its sonority. The organ has four manuals with 56 keys, one pedal with 27 keys, and has 63 audio registers. It was inaugurated on 17 April 1839, the organist being Buchholz itself, who played improvisations and cantatas by composers Johann Friedrich Schneider and Lucas Hedwig.

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In 1924 the gallery in front of the organ was enlarged in order to organize sacred music concerts with chorus’ participation. The organ was restored between 1997-2001. Then all the 3993 tubes (the largest having a height of about 13 meters) were dismantled and restored. The organ is a baroque organ and survived till now almost unchanged. The second organ was built by Carl Hesse and has a manual and pedal and eight registers. It was restored in 1997.

Since 1953, organ recitals are held, tradition started by the organist Victor Bickerich and continued by Hans Eckart Schlandt. Many vinyl discs, audio tapes and CDs were recorded here during years. Nowadays an organ concert is organized every week.


Alexandru Drimba said...

The vinyls recorded at this organ, with Hans Eckart Schlandt as organist, can be found here: