A literary prize

For her first novel, "Terre des affranchis" which was published at Gaia Publishing House last year, the writer Liliana Lazăr was awarded the Prix des cinq continents. The prestigious prize, awarded by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), rewards since 2001 Francophone writers. The Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris and the OIF will promote internationally the novel of Liliana Lazăr.

Liliana Lazăr received also for her novel the Prix La Première in Belgium. The action of the book takes place in Romania, in 1955, and the hero is Victor Luca from Slobozia. Because he committed a crime, he must live secretly, but the need for redemption leads him to the point that it will accept a secret mission: to be a clerk and to save the holy writings, banned during the communist regime. The jury considered the novel as "a cruel story, politics and metaphysics, where, in the struggle between good and evil and in face of brutality, there is no salvation".