Harry Tavitian

Harry Tavitian, considered by International Herald Tribune "the most interesting contemporary Romanian jazz-man", was born in 1952 in Constanţa in an Armenian family.

Tavitian started classical piano at the age of 6 and graduated the Academy of Music in Bucharest. In 1970 he saw bluesman Memphis Slim live in Braşov and this was a major influence in his future career. After this event, he started singing and playing the blues and soon he made his first steps in jazz, and in 1976 he gave up classical music completely for jazz. He came to prominence in 1978-1987, when he set up a jazz club, organizing recordings and listening sessions where he presented albums by some of the world's most prominent jazz-men. The club was hosted by Constanţa Library, where he was working at that time.

Harry Tavitian is jazz pianist and singer, whose style covers free-jazz, blues, ethno-jazz and avant-garde. He has a style of his own, well defined in East European new jazz, through his incessant artistic experiences. His sound is a melting pot of American jazz, folklore of the Balkans, contemporary chamber music, blues, old music. Also, his Armenian roots are obvious. His music has a strong ethnic character. The Romanian spiritual area, where he has developed is a synthesis between the cultural traditions of Orient and Occident. In this area archaic convictions are still preserved and Tavitian's music is full of myth. Harry Tavitian is also concerned about the syncretism of the arts. In his performances he uses elements of instrumental theatre and costumes.

Harry Tavitian performed concerts and attended important jazz festivals in Romania, Russia, Lithuania, France, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Yugoslavia, Poland, Scotland, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, USA, Armenia (as a personal guest of the president of Armenia), Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria.

Harry Tavitian - Old Balkan Ballad

Harry Tavitian - At Levant's Gates

Harry Tavitian - Tanarica


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