Inna (b. Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, 16 October 1986 in Mangalia, România) is a Romanian dance singer.

She graduated the high school in Mangalia, then she attempted a degree in Political Sciences at the University of Constanţa. At the end of 2007 she met the members of Play & Win Project and she started the recording of her debut album. She released in 2008 the single Hot, that became an instant hit and was remastered at the end of the year; it also became an airplay success worldwide.

Inna - Hot (Play and Win Club Remix)

A second single, entitled Love, was released in 2009 and peaked at number four on the Romanian Hot 100 in April 2009, surpassing the achievements of Hot. The song Deja Vu became yet another top ten hit on the Romanian Top 100, peaking at number seven in July 2009. It also was a major hit in Moldova, Bulgaria, Russia and Hungary.

Inna - Love

In the end of June, Inna won a Romanian Top Hits Award, the special one given by the Jury, for her top five hit Love. Later that summer, the song Hot hit the first position of the Spanish Singles Chart, being certified Platinum by ProMusicae. The song sold over 40,000 copies during that summer.

Inna - Amazing

In France, she has four consecutive top-10 singles, Hot, Deja Vu, Amazing, 10 Minutes and Sun Is Up, and her debut album "Hot" became a top-10 in France, In the United Kingdom, she has two songs charted within the top-20 of the The Official Charts Company's UK Singles Chart, with a top-10 (Hot) and another top-20 (Amazing).

Inna - 10 Minutes (Club Remix)

Her latest single Sun Is Up became a number-one hit in Bulgaria and a top three in France, Romania, Russia and Switzerland. For 2011, Inna is preparing a new record, entitled "I Am The Club Rocker!". Along with this record, Inna encourages her fan base to affirm themselves as CLUB ROCKER. Inna is currently on her European concert tour "INNA en Concert".

Inna - On & on


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