The first color daily gazette

'Adevărul' (The Truth) was and is one of the most important daily gazette of Romania. Released in 1904, 'Dimineaţa' (The Morning), the early edition of 'Adevărul', was named first 'The Morning Truth'. After the connection with 'The Truth' entered the popular consciousness, Constantin Mille decided that is the case that the gazette to emancipate and to appoint, simple, 'The Morning' (December 1904).

Eight years later, Mille decided: 'The Morning' will appear in color, so he purchased an expensive printing machine and announces that the first page and last page of the 'The Morning' will be colored. Mille's idea is put into practice, only that "on 29 April 1912 (Sunday), all readers in Bucharest were grime red, green and blue", as recalled in a retrospective article published in 'The Morning' in 1933. Trying great turn into a failure: the printing machinery did not work well, had not been adjusted sufficiently, the newspaper appearance was delayed, were lost the trains for province...

"After a quarter-hour, hands, clothes, faces all the editors and retailers were multi colored, that the ink not had time to dry". The next day, the newspaper is printed on the old rotary, are attempts to color a month, which ruined cars full of paper and 'The Morning' is colorful again on 6 June 1912, this time without problems.

To show the importance of this reform, in terms of technical printing, it must be said that 'The Morning' was the first daily newspaper to appear in color - and this worldwide. Many newspapers have colored supplements once or twice a week. Till this time there was no daily paper in color.