The Temple of the Fates

Nobody knows for sure how old the place is, no one really knows the temple’s origins. There are at least 5 different stories, from Paganism to Christianity or even Extra-Terrestrial! However some people say that it lasts 7000 years ago, some that it has Dacian origins, other say that it is of Christian origin because it has an eccentric altar and no proof that there was a cross, but the generally accepted version is that the monastery was set-up around 1742, when Orthodox churches were destroyed by the Austrian-Hungarians, bringing instead the Romano-Catholic Church or the Greek-Catholic Church. But, for sure, the place is holy, and its energy can help you - the cave monastery is known for its miraculous healing powers with people coming here every year to get healed and have their good wishes fulfilled.

The cave church is situated in Şinca Veche village, Braşov County. The abundant vegetation on the way to the temple is absolutely beautiful. The intense smell of myrrh, frankincense and burning candles came to one's awareness. There is a total calmness and stillness in the forest where the cave is located and the energy is divine.

A grotto hidden in the middle of the woods, in the heart of a block of grit stone looks like a cave dug into the mountain. The temple has large rooms cut into quartz in a technique similar to that used by the Dacians to cut huge blocks of stone at Măgura Călanului. There are several hemispherical, ellipsoidal, spiral-like or spherical diggings, connected by the huge secant, which crosses all the rooms connecting the sky and the earth, the spiritual and the material worlds. Inside are ceremonial chambers and altars with mysterious carvings, including a really strange Yin-Yang symbol within the Star of David, the Egyptian sign for "fishing rod", crosses, a Yin-Yang shaped window, a sphinx and other strange signs.

The "tower" of the church is invisible from outside and one can enjoy its beauty and the wonderful violet light it sheds only from the inside. On the pavement there are marked three places - claimed to be the energetic centers of the place. People say that if you pray over these places , your wish will be fulfilled. They say that the temple is a vortex of energy that attracts energy into an underground tunnel connecting the temple with the fortress of Râşnov. Whatever the reason, one can definitely feel some mystical, unexplained energy when is inside.


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