The UFOs' forest

Those intrigued by things that go bump in the night can’t help but take notice of Romania’s most folkloric region. The very word Transylvania conjures up spooky gothic castles and blood-sucking aristocrats, but there’s a lesser-known local attraction to add to your goose bump list. The Hoia-Baciu Forest, located a few kilometers outside of the city of Cluj-Napoca, is rumored to be a hot bed of unexplained supernatural activity.

Dubbed the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania, the forest first gained international attention in 1968, when biologist Alexandru Sift captured a photo of what’s said to be a disc-shaped UFO. The most spectacular sighting - of a silvery daylight disc - was proved by three excellent photos made in August 18, by Emil Barnea, in the presence of other three witnesses. Since then, UFOs, apparitions, abnormalities on photos, nocturnal lights and other unusual things have been regularly reported in the area. Ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, parapsychologists — and more recently, tourists — have all taken an interest.

Strange whispers, dark shapes, gates to other worlds, powerful forces, guardian spirits, UFO sightings, these are the phenomenons that often take place in this paranormal area of Baciu forest. For all those who are interested in searching this area, could be a very interesting experience, but beware of the mystical energies that dwell here, and respect the spirits that lay within. Everything is very unnatural is this woods, the trees have weird shapes, like they have been pulled out of the Grimm Brother’s stories, the wind makes noises, it seems like they are whispering to each other. Nothing green grow on these trees, and nothing green in this forest, the whole place is like a dark place of a weird shape. Even when you enter this place, you can already sense it, that something is out there. Supernatural powers dwell in this place... and all who enter must respect the spirits within the depths of it.

This place is a fascinating research place. Since the early ’60-s until this day Baciu forest was a place for numerous UFO sighting and various paranormal activities. There is a place called the “round field” within the forest which is considered as the landing zone for the UFOs. Many photos were taken at this place, and on most of them visible shapes can be seen, ghostlike shapes, they are considered here as the protectors of the forest. The forest has a spirit on its own, most of the time people who entered this forest with negative and evil thoughts, never left the forest, and they have vanished without any trace. Most people who have never returned home from here, were searched by rescue teams and local police forces, but they have never been found. They are also cases of those people who have returned with numerous sightings, or those who experienced physically some strange events. For example, a woman have been out for a walk in this forest, and for a few moments the time has stopped, and she disappeared for a short time. When she came back, she have found in one of her pockets an ancient coin from the 15th century! Parapsychologists say that the forest is also a gate to another world, a gate to another dimension. This gate opens up in a certain time, no one knows precisely when it really happens, but some people who experienced this phenomenon, never really left the forest again. There are many witnesses who can testify for this events, and some knew the people who entered this woods and never came back. The locals in the nearby village know of this phenomenon and they keep away from the woods,but for all those who are interested in information, the best idea would be to talk to the locals first, they know more about the area than any other.

There is also a hidden area of this forest, where several symmetrical circles can be found on a radiated dark soil, the forces here are overwhelmingly powerful, and it’s supposed to be the heart of the Baciu forest. This area however is very difficult to find, and only a handful of people were able to find this place. Dr. Adrian Pătruţ, a chemistry professor at the local university, claims that though there are many places around the world with unexplained phenomena, the “Hoia-Baciu Forest is one of the best due to the intensity, variety and complexity of its manifestations”. Pătruţ is president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology and since the early ’70s he has been studying occurrences in the forest such as unexplained splotches of light and luminescent orbs hovering in the sky.


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