The longest relay in the World

This month, in the Herăstrău Park in Bucharest ended the Gillette Phenomenal Tour, the longest relay in the world. In this competition were covered over 3,000 km in 15 days, by 15 professional athletes participating at the event which runs in shifts of five, joined by amateur athletes. The group consists of an escort of four cars plus a runner. The run round the clock, in three teams, which changed every eight hours.

A representative of Guinness Book of World Records recorded the details of the event and has validated the performance. The previous record was about 1,500 km and was made in Japan.

The tour was opened by Răzvan Lucescu, the coach of the National Football Team of Romania on September 21, in Union Square; the relay passed through 24 important cities of Romania and concluded in the evening of October 5, by Ionuţ Lupescu, from the Romanian Football Federation. Also participated in the relay famous sportmen such as Ivan Patzaichin, Silviu Lung Jr. and Cristi Balaj.