The Romanian pure-blood horse

The huţul is the only Romanian pure-blood horse. It seems that the ancestor of the huţul is the tarpan, a species of wild horse that lived around the Black Sea.

The huţul is wiry and can work from morning till night. The part between the hoof and the wrist is very short and the horse can easily climb mountains, no matter how bad the way is. In addition, the hoof is small and very hard, so this horse doesn't need horseshoes.

Today in Romania pure-blood huţuls are grown at Lucina Stud in Suceava County, to a huge expanse of pasture woodland located near the border with Ukraine. Worldwide there are about 4,500 huţul horses and 3500 of them are marked with "Lucina" brand. Lucina Stud was established by the Austrians in 1856. So meticulous were the imperial officials in preparing the plans that even today the herd facilities are in place, with an enviable precision. Water comes through free fall and does not freeze no matter how great is the frost, and barns are so well placed to be protected from blizzards that from 150 years are rebuild the same places. In addition to the main driveway are the pines which legend says that were planted by Empress Maria Theresa and a monument dedicated to Colonel Martin von Herman, who founded the international recognition of huţul race.