The 100 million years concert hall

Românești Cave is located in the south-east of the Românești village, on the left slope of Fărăşeşti Valley, in Poiana Ruscă Mountains, Timiș County, Banat, South-Western Romania. The cave is famous for its great acoustic and the concerts played here.

The Românești Cave is 1,450m long and has three different levels. The entrance is oriented north by northwest and is 9.5m wide by 2m high, allowing a diffuse illumination for 70m. The three levels have sub-fossil character, and the main rooms were formed at the intersection of several faults. The third level is accessible only for speleologists. Geographer T. Orthmayr made the first geological and natural research and exploration in 1872. He, and later researchers, found archeological artifacts from the Musterian Culture (over 15,000 years ago), from Tisa and Coțofeni Cultures, bear cave bones - that are on display in the Banat Museum in Timișoara and the Museum of Natural History in Lugoj.

On October 11, 1984, Romania had a unique and beautiful cultural event - the first symphonic concert in a cave. Three hundred and sixty visitors entered into the cave-hall lighted with candles, lamps, projectors, to hear it. Since then, every October comes with a new concert. Live concerts in caves are extremely rare, and Romania hosts the only annual speleo-concert. In Gibraltar are sometimes concerts in a small cave that can fit 30 people, while in the Românești Cave were 5,000 spectators at the concert of master Ştefan Ruha!

Images from Agenda, Speleophilately and Wikipedia.


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The Moon
on a cat




There's much in the world that you can't explain.
It's revealed for you to remember
by the whispering voice of a distant train
or a midnight rain in november.

Horizon within! You can always find
the keys to Enigma. Let's mention
one basic Truth: of spirited Mind
Is Nature naught but extension.

Internal expanses! In dreams, ridden
by fear and longing you roam
that deep Southeast in your soul hidden
...on your random journey back home.


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The Higgs Boson. We've got a problem here. If the Higgs boson's got a mass, which is indeed what established theory predicts, then there by definition must be at least one more Higgs boson mediating the first one's gravitation. So the total amount of Higgs bosons immediately goes infinite (and gravitation itself must be nonlinear and convergent). How to escape this dilemma? Could anyone explain?

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Casualidad sopla la sangre
de alguno señor desconocido
durante los pocos restantes
momentos del resplandor de faroles

que se vislumbran tras el follaje
flameando de las obsesiónes
igual efimero como gotas
del cinzano de la soledad –

En aquel tiempo me levanta
dentro uno incidente avejentado
que en seguida palidece
al camouflaje de abstraccion;

chica, nadie conoce que tus grisos
ojos significan aún; con todo
el sueño que hube evacuado
tu escudriñas nuevamente.

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