The adventure of a song

Sanie cu zurgălăi (English approx. Sledge With Bells) is probably one of the most sung songs in the world. It was composed in 1937 by the Romanian Richard Stein, with lyrics by Liviu Deleanu. In 1952, the American composer Les Paul plagiarized the song under the name Johnny Is The Boy For Me. Because the song already acquired an international reputation, the theft could not go unnoticed, so Richard Stein sued Les Paul and the copyright dispute was won by the Romanian. The adventure of the song has not been done yet. The song was made famous by Edith Piaf in 1953, as Johnny tu n'est pas un ange, and in 2000, 8 years after the composer's death, Vaya Con Dios released Johnny, with Les Paul indicated as songwriter... then followed a new trial.

Here are five versions of this song: the first one is the interpretation of one of the greatest folklore singer of Romania, the second has a Jazz flavor, the 3rd is the instrumental version, the 4th and the 5th are the versions of Piaf and the cover of Vaya Con Dios.

Maria Lătăreţu - Sanie cu zurgălăi

Aura Urziceanu - Sanie cu zurgălăi

National Radio Orchestra - Sanie cu zurgălăi

Edith Piaf - Johnny tu n'est pas un ange

Vaya Con Dios - Johnny


salcudean10 said...

Foarte frumos acest subiect, ma asteptam sa-l postati. Toate interpretarile sunt exceptionale, dar preferata mea ramane Édith Piaf.
Pacat ca nu sunt recunoscute valorile romanesti! Se intampla la fel ca si cu Premiul Nobel.