Coasta Lunii Cheţani

Coasta Lunii is a Natura 2000 protected site located in Cheţani commune, Mureş County, Transylvania, Romania, and it has a surface of 830 ha (3% of commune's surface).

In this area, following investigations conducted by members of the Romanian Society of Lepidopterists, were identified 739 species of butterflies of which a species is new to science, one is unique in Europe, 14 new for the fauna of Romania, and many new for the fauna of Transylvania. Were identified also over 160 species of plants. For many steppe species, the steppe habitats of the Transylvania Plain are the western extremity of the area of distribution.

Importance: the area has steppe slopes of the most representative and best preserved in Transylvania, with rich flora (Crambe tartaria, Iris humilis, etc.). Among the Lepidoptera - the best studied group of invertebrates - there is found the endemic species Filatima transsilvanella, but also a series of 17 rare species, particularly in terms of zoo-geographic importance.

Vulnerability: the adversely impact of the surrounding agrarian land is felt primarily through the accumulation of waste or occasional arson. In the future, it will prevent forestation of pine and acacia, leading to drastic reduction of biodiversity, leading in extreme cases even to the complete elimination of native vegetation. In some parts, from excessive grazing can be observed a pronounced ruderalization.


salcudean10 said...

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