Secular oaks from Breite

Breite is a nature reserve near Sighişoara, Mureş County, Transylvania, Romania. It has a surface of 70 ha and protects six centuries old oaks.

Geological / geo-morphological aspects: the hilly region tilt slightly with slopes with partly sunny exhibition. The geological substrate is located on a Transylvanian Neogene sedimentary basin with deposits consisting of marly clays and sands.

Vegetation: the area is located in a hilly zone, with sessile oak forest. On the pasture are secular trees, aged between 400 and 600 years with uneven settlement in small groups, with densities of 0.1-0.2 / ha. The trees are in a ratio of 80-90% viable, with broad crown covering the whole trunk and leafy branches typical to singular trees. The oaks have a shaft diameter between 1.0-1.8 m and a height of 12-20 m. The grass vegetation is typical for hilly areas.

Fauna: the fauna do not have special characters, is a normal fauna for the hilly forests and grasslands.


marin said...

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Adrian said...

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