World's hardest enduro rally

Red Bull RoManiacs is considered World's toughest Hard Enduro rally. Sibiu's medieval center (southern Transylvania) and the mountains nearby hosts the 5th edition of the 5 days motorcycle run starting 15th August, 2009.

What makes Red Bull RoManiacs so tough? Well for sure this is not a "one day" wonder event. There is the entertaining in-city Prologue race in the very center of Sibiu where contestants fight over difficult man made obstacles to get to the front of the race and win the right to be the first to start the day one off road stage. For four off roads days, a constant battle with stamina, fitness and strength takes place, the steep climbs and descents, and fighting the too hot or very cold weather just to get to the finish. This is not a leisurely ride across some mountains, it a mental battle to just keep going on and on ,pushing both body and machine to the very limits of endurance while striving to get to the finish line before anyone else.

Red Bull RoManiacs hard enduro rally is organized by "Xventure" Freinademetz Offroad Tours, run by snowboard legend and Dakar Rally finisher Martin Freinademetz. Three of the precedent editions were won by Cyril Despres, winner of Dakar Rally. There are special sections for Professionals, Experts, Expert teams and Hobby teams, so riders of all competitive abilities can compete, enjoy the event and have a chance of finishing.

Who decides to start at world’s hardest enduro rally has to be totally passionate about off-road racing. Red Bull RoManiacs is not a simple race it is a tour the force, merciless and nasty. Those who bushwhacked best through the wilderness, managed to bring their bikes back into the paddocks every night and kept their weaker self under control were the ones to survive and finally make it to the ultimate finish line. To finish here is to be a winner!