NORC: see, look, explore

eXtreme Soft Group provide the first "street-level imaging" service for East and Central Europe – the Norc Service for the online environment.

Through the groups of websites,,,,,, Norc is the first "Made in Romania" web service allowing its visitors to do virtual walks through cities in Central and Eastern Europe. It is using a navigation system switching through panoramic images taken in the street, a system also called "street-view" or "street-level imaging".

The images provided to the visitors are taken based on a proprietary technology of generating views that are geo-referenced at the street level. The technology consists in using cars equipped with a proprietary panoramic photographing device, correlated with a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS).

The panorama points are displayed on the map indicating where the panoramic images were captured. The panorama point where the panoramic image shown on the website was captured is indicated through a panorama marker on the map. This marker rotates together with the displayed panoramic image, indicating the direction towards which the user is looking to. The user can see a panoramic picture corresponding to another panorama point on the map, by moving the panorama marker on the chosen point. The user can choose between map mode or hybrid mode (map + satellite image), normal size or full screen, pan, zoom in/out. If you are registered user (free), you can use panolinks and embed code. Take a look!


StreetView said...

That's a nice find! Certainly worth a look!
I have a find too, this is going to be video-streetview:

Blog Leader said...

I've seen the Swiss solution, but I think the Romanian one is more complete.