Olăneşti Bath

Known also under the name of “Izvoarele de Aur” (Golden Springs), Băile Olăneşti (Olăneşti Bath) is a small town in the central-southern part of Romania (Vâlcea county), on the Olăneşti River (right tributary of the Olt River), in the Sub-Carpathian depression of Olăneşti, elevation 430-475 m, 18 km NW of Rîmnicu Vîlcea (seat of Vîlcea County). The protective climate with mild winters (January average - 2.5°C) and cool summers (July average 21°C), annual average temperature: 8.5°C is very pleasant. The rainfall are moderate (750 mm annually) and the winds are rare and slow. Ozoniferous air in the surrounding forests.

Băile Olăneşti it is on the top of the spas in Romania considering the number of springs, their daily total flow rate, as well as the variety of compounds and the concentration of mineral springs. The resort has over 35 hydro mineral sources, both as natural springs and as a result of some mining and drilling works (pits and galleries). A number of 15 mineral springs are caught to be used in internal cure. Two mineral springs and four mineral water wells are used in external cure.

Băile Olăneşti is an all-season resort of national importance, with sulphurous, chlorided, slightly iodinated, brominated, sodic, calcic, magnesian mineral waters of various concentrations (oligomineral, hypotonic, isotonic, hypertonic) known from the 18th century. The first chemical tests of these mineral waters were made back in 1830. In 1873 these mineral waters got the gold medal at the International Exhibition in Vienna. The mineral waters of the springs at Băile Olăneşti are recommended in internal cure for the treatment of chronic diseases of the kidneys and urinary system (kidney lithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis), of the alimentary canal (hypoacid gastritis, biliary dyskinesis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis etc.), metabolic and nutrition disorders (diabetes melitus, obesity etc.), respiratory (microbial or viral pneumopathy, allergic asthma, bronchitis, etc.), dermatological (incipient ichthysis, chronic eczema and rash, neurodermatitis, acne etc.) and otorhynolaryngological diseases (laryngitis, nasal and sinuses allergy), associated diseases (degenerative and abarticular rheumatic troubles, asthenic neurosis, endocrine disorders etc.).

The resort provides installations for warm baths with mineral waters in tubs, for electrotherapy and hydrotherapy, gyms, etc. There are 24 springs for drinking mineral water. Băile Olăneşti is among the few places in the country where treatments are developed for the strengthening of the body of people affected by various allergic diseases, by applying injection with isotonic sulphurous mineral water directly from the source. Not to mention, this treatment also represents a world premiere. (from www.ici.ro and www.destinatiaromania.eu)