Hunting world records

The tradition of hunting is a vigorous component of Romanian material and spiritual culture, the originality and diversity of its forms of manifestation having its origin in the richness of fauna characteristic of the space around the Carpathian arch, along the Danube to the shores of the Black Sea. "...An universe dominated by the mystical solidarity between hunters and animals"(Mircea Eliade).

The impressive number of medals and recognition as a world record for the most representative species of big game in Europe, confirm the great value of the Romanian fauna heritage.

Thus, Romania holds:
*** the absolute world record at horns of chamois, the famous trophy Hessheimer (141,10 points), obtained in the Făgăraș Mountains in 1934; 16 of the first 20 world trophies come from Romania.
*** the absolute world record at wild cat skull, from 1967, with 21,40 points.
*** the world record at brown bear skull, from 1997, with 69,47 points.
*** the world record at bear fur with 687.7 points (1985); in fact, the first ten trophies in bear fur in the world ranking are from Romania.
*** the world record at wolf fur, from 1997, with 186,17 points; 7 of the first 10 world trophies are from Romanian wolfs.