Longest poem in the World

Andrei Gheorghe, a 22-yo Romanian website developer has created what he claims to be the longest poem in the world, by pairing up random rhyming Twitter updates. The Longest Poem in the World, as he has titled it, works by pulling in updates from the public Twitter timeline and attempting to match them with tweets that the program previously harvested. "If it finds one, then both tweets are pushed to the poem. If not, the tweet is added to that database waiting for a 'brother' later on," he explained.


Andrei, who works for the Romanian interactive web agency MB Dragan, created the program behind the project over a weekend and consulted a pronunciation dictionary to draw up the program's rhyming rules. He said that he does not consider himself an artist but aimed to set up a "playground" to tap into the creative consciousness of the internet. Andrei also said he has no plans to curtail the poem, which is capable of producing around 4,200 verses a day and is constantly updating.

"I found the lyrics to be sometimes interesting, other times weird. It is fully automatic so I just let it run, without any involvement from me," he said. I soon found that people were very excited to be part of this and consider it some form of artistic expression of the collective consciousness of Twitter". (Adapted from Telegraph)