Cottus transsilvaniae

Cottus is a genus of the sculpin family Cottidae. It is often referred to as the "freshwater sculpins", as the principle genus of sculpins to be found in fresh water. They are mostly small fish, rarely reaching more than 15 cm in length. A recently described sculpin is Cottus transsilvaniae (Freyhof, Kottelat & Nolte, 2005), a species endemic to Romania.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Scorpaeniformes
Family: Cottidae
Genus: Cottus
Species: Cottus transsilvaniae

Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 9.7 cm SL male/unsexed;
Environment: Benthopelagic; freshwater
Climate / Range: Temperate
Distribution: Europe: Danube basin in Romania. Found only in the upper river Argeş. May occur in other tributaries of lower Danube.
Short description:
Anal soft rays: 12 - 13. Can be distinguished from other species of Cottus in the Danube drainage by the combination of the following characters: dorsal head length 19-20% SL; 12-13 1/2 anal-fin rays; 18-19 1/2 rays in second dorsal fin; predorsal length 29-30% SL; distance from tip of snout to origin of second dorsal fin 47-50% SL; no distinct transverse bands on pelvic fin; no prickling on body.


pheideas said...

Se mai numeste si Zglavoaca. O pescuiam in apele Sevisului, langa Sibiu, cand eram mic. Este prezenta in afluentii Oltului sau Cibinului. Specie endemica. :)

Adrian said...

Zglavoaca (Cottus gobio gobio) e o specie de Cottus raspandita in toata Europa, iar la noi e des intalnita in toata tara in raurile si lacurile de munte, iar la Portile de Fier coboara pana in Dunare. Cottus transsilvaniae ar fi o specie recent descrisa, asemanatoare cu zglavoaca.