Anca Parghel

Anca Parghel (born September 16, 1957 in Câmpulung Moldovenesc — died December 5, 2008 in Timişoara) was a celebrate Romanian jazz singer.

Born in the northeastern region of Moldova in 1957, Parghel began singing when she was 3 and studied at the Iaşi Conservatory from the age of 14. She made 16 albums over more than 20 years. "She was a great talent and more than that she was self-taught because there aren't any jazz schools in Romania", musician Damian Draghici told the Associated Press. "She was an extremely talented singer the way she expressed herself. The impact she had on her audience was amazing".

Parghel began performing professionally in 1984 and two years later released her first album "The Young Dance". Her last album "Zamorena" was released this year; she made 16 albums over more than 20 years. She appeared at jazz festivals across the United States and Europe, performing with musicians including Peter Herbolzheimer, Paolo Radoni, Larry Coryell, Charles Loos and Norma Winstone. Parghel also taught jazz in Belgium and Germany.