The potters from Corund

The name of Corund (Hungarian: Korond) is inseparable from ceramics: the village is one of the most important ceramic centers in Europe. There is a saying in Corund: "since the world exists they always produced pottery". Corund is situated at 11 km from Praid, 18 km from Sovata, 29 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc and 80 km from Miercurea-Ciuc, in Harghita County.

This is a Middle Age tradition that became industry. The first written source dates back to the year 1613, when the pottery guild from Udvarhely accused the people of Corund with bungling. Later a decree defends the ceramists from Udvarhely, valid in one-mile distance, so the situation of Corund, Atid, Cusmed and Solocma became difficult. In 1750 count Gyulaffy László (1699-1754), the chancellor of Transylvania assures the ceramists of Corund that they can annually hold four fairs in Corund where they can sell their products. The clay industry of Sóvidék (Salt's Land) produced chiefly storing and cooking vessels without glaze, which were necessary in everyday life. This production had lasted until the end of the last century.

The Szekler women say "the best corn porridge can be made in vessels made in Corund" (Szeklers are Hungarian ethnics living in Eastern Transylvania). The potters remained competitive during the centuries in making thin and copper vessels that were unreachable for the villagers. In 1820 there were 50, in 1893 145, in 1900 367 potters who produced vessels without glaze (1,2-1,5 million a year). After the end of the 19th century they started to produce glazed vessels: Filep Dezsõ and Katona József established the first glazed vessel workshop near the Arcio (Árcsó) bath. Later they moved to Praid to the place of the match factory. Beginning with the 18th century the tiles occupied a very important place in the Corund pottery. Around 1930 there were established two vessel factories: the Bertalan-Kacsó and the Katona Sándor (with 80-120 workers).

Since 1962 they also produced black pottery. In 1974 a new ceramic factory was built (350 m2). In 1972, pottery was produced on 375 discs, the number of workers reached 190, in 1992 around 872 potters worked in the village. The main products are: pots, pans, butter squeezers, jars, filters, cups, candle supports, salt-cellars, ornamental plates (with wedge, peafowl eye, chessboard, pine-branch, edelweiss, spinning-case, life-tree, grid, doorpost, tulip, half-sun, peafowl, chrysanthemum, oak-leaf, string). The Korond pottery is exported in many countries. Incze Lajos's statement is adequate (1939): "There is no fair in the country without potters from Corund, they took over the legacy of the mineral water selling Szekler: the roads".


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