Jidvei Vineyards

The Târnave Vineyard is the largest in Transylvania, gathering the vigor of the vine planted between the rivers Târnava Mare and Târnava Mică. It is located inside the triangle formed by the localities Blaj, Sighişoara, and Bălăuşeri.

Vine cultivation has millennial attestations and the twinning of different nations (Romanians, Hungarians, Saxons) has led both vine cultivation and wine production to develop techniques and skills with amazing results. Considered to be the second motherland of the Traminer, Târnave Vineyard owes this fact to the massive colonization in the second half of the thirteenth century with Saxons from the Mossel – Rhine Valley, who founded Seiden (the German name for Jidvei). The first agricultural unit with wine-growing profile of great proportions was founded in 1949 and has developed continually, and as of the 2000s has a cultivated area of approximately 2000 hectares. The 1999 privatization of the wine-growing and fruit-growing sector and of the cellars offered the Târnave Vineyard new opportunities of development and affirmation of its capacities which led to increase exports and domestic sales.

The vineyard is spread on a surface of about 2000 hectares (with around 250 hectares renewed every year) and it is situated at an altitude between 200-500 meters, with most of the vineyards set on southern exposure slopes, which makes the sun rays and atmospheric circulation to favor vine cultures. The land benefits of a continental-plateau type climate with an average temperature of +9 C (January -4 C, July +18 C). The moderate temperature during the grapes' maturing period determine slow oxidation reactions, helping to a continual accumulation of sugars and aromas and to a not so accentuated reduction of acidity. The soils are divided into three categories: forest brown, forest brown with different degrees of podzolisation and river-bank soils, all three types of soil enabling vine cultivation.

The wines of the Târnave Vineyard provide a perfect blend of acid, alcohol and flavor. They seem to have gathered together the strong fragrance of pine resin, the smell of lime blossom, and the transparency and sweetness of acacia honey. Jidvei vineyards produce white wine and special sparkling wine. The sparkling wine is the Romanian equivalent of champagne (do not mistake it with the frothy wine). The positioning of wines is as high quality ones, with denomination of controlled source (DOCC) and levels of quality.

The wine sortiments produced here are Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Muscat, Dry Riesling, Fetească Regală, Muscat Ottonel, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling Târnave Castle and other, all awarded with over one hundred of medals at the most prestigious wine contests.

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