Some outstanding Romanian achievements in aviation

Mid 16th century - Ioan Românul (Johann der Wallache) experimented at Army's Arsenal in Alba-Iulia explosive powders used for reactive projectiles or rockets.
1702 - The outlaw Grigore Pintea built a glider.
1765 - Constantin Nestor from Deva built a glider; his 80 meters flight was described in the French newspaper "La Republique"
1880 - Gheorghe Vaarlam Ghiţescu built a dirigeable baloon.
1884 - Ion Stoica built an ornithopthere.
1905 - Romanian engineers Popescu and Boicescu and Austrian mechanic Schwartz created in Vienna the system of navigation for zeppelins.
1908 - Teodor Dobrescu projected in Slatina a multiplane aircraft.
1909 - George Arion designed an airplane with the propeller directly coupled to the engine.
1909 - Vasile Dimitrescu designed the first stealth airplane in the world, with electric engine and smoke/fog generators (Patent 1428/15 May 1909).
1910 - George Arion built in Bucharest the first aircraft with variable geometry in the world.
1910 - Niculae Ion Vasiliu built in Bucharest an airplane-helicopter, provided with 6 propellers.
1910 - George Brişcu built several models of helicopters.
1911 - Ion Paulat built the first hydroplane in the world.
1913 - Constantin Marinescu designed the first passenger aircraft with a capacity of 15 seats.
1917 - Hermann Oberth designed in Sighişoara a huge military multistage rocket, with liquid fuel. The Austrian and German military authorities were not interested in the project.
1925 - Aurel Biju and Eugene Sziklay participated in air meetings with their own designed parachutes.