Other Romanian notable achievements

1701 - Antim Ivireanul printed "Liturghierul greco-arab", the first book in the world printed with mobile letters, and also the first book printed with arab characters.
1825 - The first non-euclidean geometry was published by Janos Bolyai.
1836 - Ion I. Irimie invented, during his college studies, the first matches with Phosphorus (known later as "Swedish matches"), and in 1840 he founded a factory to produce them.
1886 - George Assaky invented an original neurosurgery technique, the remote suture of nerfs.
1887 - The first reactive trolley.
1895 - Dragomir Hurmuzescu had built the first high-voltage dynamo.


Marius Filip said...

The title is wrong. Priority refers to things in the future, not the past.

You may rephrase into "Other Romanian notable achievements", for instance.

Using the past participle ("had invented") is not appropriate since there is no comparison with another past event.

I like very much your blog. Keep up the good work!

Adrian said...

Thanks, corrections made. I've learned English in school for only a year...

Anonymous said...

Nicolae Paulescu


1921 - Paulescu's discovery of insulin


"Lessons from the History of Insulin"
By Professor Sir George Alberti - President of International Diabetes Federation
and the Royal College of Physicians, UK

Adrian said...

I've already presented Paulescu here. Anyway, thanks!