Bucharest North Railway Station

Gara de Nord Bucureşti (Bucharest North Railway Station) is the main railway station in Bucharest and the largest railway station in Romania. The vast majority of mainline trains to/from Bucharest originate from Gara de Nord.

The Prussian Concession H.B. Strousberg pledges in 1868 to build in three years the Roman - Tecuci - Galaţi railway, with Tecuci - Bârlad branch, Bucharest - Craiova - Vârciorova railway and in two years and a half Galaţi - Buzău and Ploieşti - Bucharest railways. The construction of the 642 km railway began on September 22, 1869, and the same day was set the foundation stone for the main station of Bucharest, called Târgovişte Station - situated on a former property of Dinicu Golescu. The initial name comes from the ancient name of the current Griviţa Way, in that time, Târgovişte Route, which gained its current name after the War of Independence, in memory of the struggle for Griviţa redoubt.

The station was inaugurated on 15/27 November 1870, during the temporary opening of the Bucharest - Ploieşti railway. The architecture of the building imitates almost perfectly the railway station with the same name in Paris. Built between 1868-1870, the station was conceived as a transit station with six lines, with access to the three warehouses. Last line provided direct access to workshops.

The passengers' building had ground floor and first floor, a length of 93.4 m and was composed of a central pavilion guarded by two towers, with two side wings and main building facade parallel with Târgovişte Route. Between the two towers were three main doors for passengers' access. At a certain distance in front of the building was a garden with a central alley insight into Station' Place, the so-called "travelers' court".

Between 1870-1871 was built a covered hall, supported by metal pillars, parallel to the building for passengers, who sheltered the two lines of receipt / dispatch of trains and passengers exceeded the building itself, on both sides 22 m. In 1878 was added a new building, towards the end of the station from the workshops, located perpendicular to the two initial parallel buildings, thereby transforming the station from a transfer one in an end of line station.

In 1888 the station name was changed in Bucharest North Railway Station. Several modernization works were made in 1887-1889, 1897, 1906-1907, 1925, 1930-1932, 1966-1969, 1987, 1990-2003. The station and its surroundings were heavily bombed by the Allies in April 1944 during a campaign aimed at the German supply lines, since the station played an important part in the Romanian railway network and was the main departure point for troops headed to the Eastern Front.

Gara de Nord has now 14 lines (3 of them with high platforms) and 8 platforms, enlarged waiting rooms, departure/arrival on-screen displays, touch-screen information systems and electronic ticket sales system. As of 2009, Gara de Nord serves about 200 trains, including domestic trains operated by Căile Ferate Române (Romanian Railways), as well as international trains.


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