Ovidiu Lipan 'Ţăndărică'

Ovidiu Lipan 'Ţăndărică' (b. 1953, Iaşi) is the greatest Romanian drummer and percussionist. He is also an appreciated composer.

Ovidiu Lipan started his musical career at 9 yo, with his own group - 'Crystal', followed by a collaboration with 'The Dragons'. He attended the Negruzzi High School and the School of Music in Iaş. At 14 yo, he was considered an outstanding instrumentalist and in 1969, at 16 yo, he participated at the Pop-Rock Music Festival, where he won first prize with one of the most elevated bands of the moment - 'Roşu şi Negru' (Red & Black).

In 1970 he settled in Bucharest, where he had the opportunity to work with brand names such as Richard Oschanitzky, Peter Werthaimer, Marius Şeicu, Radu Goldiş and with the 'Romanian Radio Orchestra' led by Sile Dinicu. In 1974 Ovidiu Lipan joined the most valuable Romanian rock band, 'Phoenix', and released the LP Cantafabule (1975).

Lipan Connection Waiting 4 U

He left Romania in 1977, along with his band mates, establishing himself in Germany. He continued his musical work collaborating with international artists: Eruption, Yloi, Herman Rabbit from 'Scorpions', Ginger Baker. With his group 'Madhouse' he released in 1979 From the East and Giacca de Blue and with 'Phoenix' the LP Transsylvania (1981). With 'Rated X' he released Rock Bolded and Forbidden for the Youth. Meanwhile he toured in Germany and worldwide.

Ovidiu Lipan Ţăndărică - Rhythm Introduction

After the fall of communism in 1989, Lipan returned to Romania, with a mega-tournament 'Phoenix' in the largest Romanian cities. He released Symphoenix - Timişoara (1992), Aniversare 35 (1997), Ora-Hora (1999), Baba Novak (2005) with 'Phoenix', Excalibur (1997) and Transilvania (1998) with 'Lipan Connection' and some solo projects Visul Toboşarului (Drummer's Dream, 1999, 2005), Renaşterea (Rebirth, 2001), Aniversare (Anniversary, 2003), Bachiţa (2004), Getica (2004), La Passion (2006), Iskender (2007). Now he has solo projects and also plays with 'Phoenix'.