Dumitru Fărcaş

Dumitru Fărcaş (born 12 May 1938, Groşii Băii Mari, Maramureş County, Romania) is a Romanian tárogató player. He played the instrument on all major stages in the world and made the tárogató known all over the world.

His father played the pipe, and his older brothers played the clarinet. He studied the oboe at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca. Dumitru Fărcaş began his professional career in 1960 when he was hired as an instrumentalist in the "Maramureş" Ensemble in Baia Mare.

In 1962 he founded the "Mărţişorul" Folk Music Orchestra, belonging to the House of Culture of Students from Cluj-Napoca, with which has received many national and international awards, among which: First Prize Winner and the Laureate of the World Festival of Youth and Students, Helsinki (1962), Gold Disc awarded by the Charles Cros Music Academy in Paris (1972), Laureate of "Ethnos" Prize (1991), winner of the "Folklive" Smithsonian Festival, Washington (1999), First Prize at the International Festival Brussels (1999), Inter-Lyra Award in the Music and Dance Olympics "Five Lyre", Budapest (2000).

He was made Honorary Citizen of the cities Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Reşiţa and Baia Mare, as well as Pyongyang.

In 2008 he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy.


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