A Gold Invention

The Romanian Corneliu Birtok-Băneasa was awarded the Gold Medal at the current edition of International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, the young inventor from Deva presenting a Dynamic Device for Air Transfer that provide a higher efficiency of internal combustion engines. The invention can be used in the automotive industry and provide better engine cooling while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

This year's graduate of Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara, Corneliu was able to experience his invention on 20 different cars with different engine types. The cars were monitored for three years, while being conducted measurements in the Engine Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara. "The device creates an easy supercharging effect which increases proportionally with speed of the vehicle and increase volumetric efficiency of internal combustion engine. The combustion of the fuel mixture is complete, the pollutant emissions and fuel consumption are lower", said the device inventor awarded in Geneva, cited by Agerpres.

His invention was awarded a Gold Medal at the Inventika International Exhibition in 2009, the Special Prize of the National Association of Inventors from Poland at the same event, and the Silver Medal of Eureka International Salon, Brussels 2009. The young inventor was noted also for another interesting invention: The "Super-vacuuming inverted filter", a device for cars to help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. With this invention Corneliu Birtok-Băneasa won gold, silver and bronze medals at various exhibitions of inventions.

Photos: Mesagerul Hunedorean, Impact News.