Ion Creangă Memorial House

Ion Creangă (March 1, 1837 or June 10, 1839 – December 31, 1889) was a Moldavian-born Romanian writer, raconteur and schoolteacher. A main figure in 19th century Romanian literature, he is best known for his Childhood Memories volume, his novellas and short stories, and his many anecdotes. A defrocked Romanian Orthodox priest with an unconventional lifestyle, Creangă made an early impact as an innovative educator and textbook author, while pursuing a short career in nationalist politics.

Ion Creangă was posthumously granted several honors, and is commemorated by a number of institutions in both Romania and neighboring Moldova. These include the Bojdeuca (tiny hut) building in Iaşi, which, in April 15, 1918, was opened as the first memorial house in Romania. Restored the same year and again in 1933-1934, it houses an important part of Creangă's personal items and the first known among Creangă's portraits, painted by his contemporary V. Muşneţanu.

"Bojdeuca" in Iaşi

Another memorial house dedicated to Ion Creangă is located in Humuleşti, a former village which has since been incorporated into Târgu-Neamţ city, Neamţ County, Moldavia, Romania. The house was built in 1830 by Petrea Ciubotariul, the grandfather of the writer and it was inhabited by the descendants of Ion Creangă until 1959. In 1937 the house was restored by the care of great historian Nicolae Iorga.

The Memorial House in Humuleşti, painting by Aurel Băeşu

In 1944, Sofia Grigoriu (born Creangă) donate the house to the Association of Romanian Teachers. The house became a museum by a decree of 1959, but the memorial house was opened to the public in 1960. The building was donated to the state by his successors in 1965. During the following decades, it reportedly became the most visited memorial house in Romania.

The museum represents, beyond its historical, literary, and sentimental significance, a specific item of folk architecture of the period and ethno-cultural area. Under the broad shingle roof, the walls built in heavy beams covered with a clay layer, establishes a single room with narrow windows and a lobby where you could just spin. The low entry is sheltered from rain by a narrow porch, and behind the house a wooden roof with one slope protect some household items and agricultural tools with a certain ethnographic value.

Exhibits presented are characterized by simplicity, common sense and modesty specific to the Moldavian peasant, generating a strong sense of piety, not only for what they represent to the memory of Ion Creangă, but because they are genuine testimonials of people and popular tradition of region.

Ion Creangă Memorial House on Google Maps

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