The largest decorated Easter egg in the World

The largest painted Easter egg in the world

A traditional decorated Easter egg placed in the city of Suceava, Suceava County, Bukovina, Romania, was declared by the World Records Academy to be the largest decorated Easter egg in the world. The egg, realized in glass fiber, is 7.55 m high, has a diameter of 4.6 m and a weight of 1800 kg. It is decorated using traditional Romanian motifs, approved by the archbishop of Suceava and Rădăuţ, and traditional colors: red (symbolizing the blood of Jesus), black (the eternity) and yellow (the light).

The greatest Easter chocolate egg was realized in St. Niklaas, Belgium (8.3 m) and the greatest Easter egg was realized in Lisbon, Portugal (14,91 m).

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The representative of World Records Academy, who homologated the record, declared: "It is a great honor for me to represent the World Records Academy in Suceava, in the fortress of Stefan the Great and Saint. There is probably no other place where the (Orthodox) Easter traditions are so well kept and so vibrant, as here, in the heart of Bukovina. This was proved today as well by the creation of this symbol of the Bucovinian traditions – the 7.25 meter high painted Easter egg. On behalf of the World Records Academy, I congratulate you for having established this new world record: the Largest Painted Easter Egg".

Panorama by Michael Pop.