Sabin Bălaşa

Sabin Bălaşa (June 17, 1932, Dobriceni - April 1, 2008, Bucharest) was a contemporary Romanian painter. His works are described by himself as belonging to cosmic Romanticism. He was also an author, writer and director of animated painting films.

In 1956 he graduated the Art Academy in Bucharest and he followed the courses of Art Academies from Siena and Perugia – Italy. He naturally started from the traditions of the Romanian art, which he assimilated in a creative way, and studied with interest and fervor the history and mythology of the Romanian people, pledging himself to conjure up a fascinating universe of great expressive power, conveying to the onlooker an impression or a rare strength.

Universe of love

Among Bălaşa's most notable works are several large-scale fresco paintings, which decorate the inside of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi. The Hall of the Lost Footfalls was painted over a period of 10 years and consists in 18 great wall paintings. Main themes include youth, the history and poetry of the Romanian people.

The Ball of Phantoms

Whether he painted such heroes of the national pantheon as Decebalus, Stephen the Great, Bălcescu or Eminescu, evoked characters of legend, epic or ballad or creates images living beyond time and space, Sabin Bălaşa constantly remains faithful to the most generous and noble human ideals.

Traveler in Time

He had many personal exhibitions in Warsaw (1955), Moscow (1958), Cairo, Alexandria, Damasc (1960-1961), Youth Biennial in Paris (1961), Pescara – Italy (1965), Roma (1966), Orly (1968), Torino, Roma (1969), Tel-Aviv, Yugoslavia, Bulgary, Japan (1970-1972), Conges sur Mer – France (1973), Cuba (1974), Greece, Russia, Finland (1976), Norway, Sweden, USA (1978) and many others. Some of his works are exhibited in many museums and are part of private collections all over the world.


Between 1966 and 1976 he created and directed 12 animated painting films. He was a member of the Jury at the international festivals of the animation films - Annecy (France - 1973). He has written novels such "The Blue Desert" (1996), "Exodus Toward The Light" (2002).

The Cavalcade

Wedding Traveling in Space

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Great post...Absolutely loved the images :)

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Sabin Bălaşa is one of my favorite artists... During college, I was colleague with his niece, who was one of his models - a pretty blonde with long hair.