Wass-Banffy Castle, Gilău

Gilău (Hungarian: Gyalu, Saxon German: Gelu, German: Gelau, Julmarkt, Jalmarkt) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania, located at 15 km west of Cluj. In the south of the village are remains of a Roman military camp (castrum) and a Roman civilian settlement. It was the first castrum in Transylvania where archaeologists have clearly identified the sequence between the camp of earth and wood and the stone camp that followed (dimensions: 138 x 221 m). Etymologically, it was hypothesized that such the name Gilău derived from Gelu. According to the anonymous chronicler of King Bela IV, prince Gelu died at the confluence of Căpuş Creek with Someşul Mic River on Gilău village territory, while withdrawing from the Hungarian hordes of Tuhutum to his citadel Dăbâca (ad castrum suum).

Wass-Banffy Castle in Gilău is a historical monument of Cluj County, being surrounded by a natural park of approximately 11 hectares. Initially a fortress, it was built after the year 1439, by order of Bishop Lepes and in the 1500s, was transformed into a castle in the Renaissance style, by Bishop Gerb László. Between 1599-1601, the castle belonged to Michael the Brave. As a result of a fire, the castle was damaged and after that was rebuilt and restored several times. In the last decades, the castle was used by the Gilău High-school.

Images from www.Rumaenienburgen.com.


Veriuska said...

From the late 1800 to the early 1900 this castle was known as Castelo Bernath, belonging to Bernat Rosenberger and later to his son Albert, who took the name Gyalui Bernath Albert. He was my great grandfather. The family cementery is about one quarter of a mile from the estate. My greatgrandmother sold to Count Banffi when my greatgrandfather died and my grandfather, Gyalui Bernath Arved, his brothers Odon and Oskar and sister Ilma did not want to manage the farming operations.

Adrian said...

Very interesting informations, thanks!

Roofing Miami said...

Besides the beauty, the castle is considered to be the most haunted place in Romania. Love to visit but now I'm thinking twice lol.