Oscar Han

Oscar Han (1891, Bucharest - 1976, Bucharest) was a Romanian sculptor and writer. A student of Dimitrie Paciurea at the Academy of Arts in Bucharest, he was a member of the Group of Four together with painters Nicolae Tonitza, Francisc Şirato and Ştefan Dimitrescu. His works were exhibited mainly in Bucharest, but also at Romanian art exhibitions and international exhibitions in other European cities, such as Venice, Anvers, Paris, the Hague, Amsterdam, Barcelona. He wrote a monograph on Paciurea and a large number of chronicles and articles (collected in 1970 in the volume Chisels and Brushes). In carving portraits of personalities, the sculptor was deeply concerned with revealing the physical and moral features of his characters. When realizing monumental works of art his main interest went at once to the gesture rhetoric and the volumes grandeur and to the demanding palpability of the modeled figures. He was Honored Master of Arts.

First Kiss

The Archer

Michael the Brave

Male nude

Male nude


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