The defense walls of Sibiu (Part II)

The curtain wall at no 2-8 Bastionului Street (up to the Soldisch Bastion)
Between the Soldisch Bastion and Mitropoliei Street, on Ioan Lupaş Street, there exists a defense wall built between 1357 and 1366 belonging to the third fortification precinct.

The curtain wall on Centumvirilor Street
Spreading between Odobescu Street and Tribunei Street, was erected between 1357-1366 and transformed in the 18th century.

The section is over 200 meters long, and it is located on a wave area between the Lower Town and the Upper Town. Seen from the inside the precinct, Centumvirilor Street has a convex profile, and Konrad Haas and Odobescu Streets seen from the foot of the wall have a concave profile, the two ranges uniting at the ends, which makes the elevation of the wall receive a lens shape with a maximum height of 10 meters in the middle section where the "Poschen" stairs were created meant to connect the two districts of the old town.