The defense towers of Sibiu (Part I)

The Stairs' Tower
Situated in the historical center of the city (3, Huet Place), it is the only one of the three access gates in the first precinct of fortifications which was preserved and dates from the 13th century, being the oldest construction preserved in Sibiu. Its actual shape dates from 1542.

The tower presents itself in the form of a one-story massive brick construction, hosting at the first floor an arched passage way through which one can arrive at the stairs connecting the "Upper Town" with the "Lower Town" in the direction of Tower's Street, and on the lateral it has an arched passage way leading to the Expiation Corner (Busswinkel) situated under the curbed wall separating the garden of the Parish House.

The Gate Tower
Situated also in the very center of the town (1, Al. Odobescu Street, near the Museum of History), the tower was erected in the 14th century and it is one of the best preserved towers from the third defense precinct. The Altemberger House (The Old Town Hall) was built nearby this tower.

It has the shape of a prism, on a rectangular plan, erected on two floors. The ground floor, barrel vaulted, was the way of access into the city's precincts.