Turda Gorges

The Turda Gorges (Romanian: Cheile Turzii; Hungarian: Tordai Hasadek) are situated 8 km away from city of Turda, in the North of Trascău Mountains, (Western Carpathians), forming a wonderful Karst landscape.

The Hăşdate River has cut in Jurassic limestone an impressive corridor more than 3 km in length. The corridor is guarded by steep rocks, rising up to 350 m, with lofty peaks, about 60 caves, sinkholes and vertical walls. In the Turda Gorges one can admire various species of butterflies and approximately 1,000 species of plants (greatest number in Romania per surface unit), some of them unique in the world. The Turda Gorges represent a complex preserve (geological, flora, fauna, archaeological) and are declared monument of nature, protected since 1938. As a curiosity, this is the place with the lowest altitude from Romania (540 m) where the edelweiss appears.

From Turda Gorge one can find trails to Tureni Gorges, Hăşdate Ravine, the Ciucaş Waterfalls, the Borzeşti Waterfalls and Gorges and the Old Roman Road. The Turda Gorges area is well-known as ideal for climbing, hiking, trekking, soft enduro, but also as a visited touristic objective.

Photos by Cristian Bortes, published on Flickr here, here, here, here, here. You can see an extensive set of photos (238) taken by him in Turda Gorges here.


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