Dragomir Hurmuzescu

Dragomir M. Hurmuzescu (March 13, 1865, Bucharest - May 31, 1954, Bucharest), physicist, inventor, professor at the University of Iaşi, member of the Romanian Academy, founder of the electrotechnics education in Romania, collaborator of the Curie spouses. He had contributions in the fields of electricity and the physics of the X-Rays.

He invented and built the electroscope which bears her name (1894). He invented also a very performant dielectric, named dielectrina. He founded the first laboratory of electricity in the country, then turned in the School of Electricity of the University of Iaşi, the first school of experimental physics. He was the founder of Romanian Broadcasting Society and he repeated and performed in Iaşi in 1901 the experiments of radio communication what Guglielmo Marconi, Alexander Popov and others made between 1895-1901.

In 1922, under his leadership, began to operate Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company (the radiotelephone broadcasting company in Romania), which on 1 November 1928 to run first air show with the ad: Hello, hello, here Radio Bucharest, followed by a speech of the Society President, Dragomir Hurmuzescu. At this time, that was practically the first national radio station in Romania.